High borosilicate glass filter will fry kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
In daily life, according to statistics, more than 40% of people met with glass pot filled with boiling water, broken glass. Not only shocked, even some people be scalded! ! ! It's not safe! The high borosilicate glass filter kettle will fry? The survey shows that more than 90% of people don't choose ordinary glass, but with the continuous development of technology progress, high borosilicate glass is widely used. Cooling and heating and not burst! By testing, good high boron glass can withstand the - 20 degrees to + 120 degrees heat shock explosion. Why high borosilicate glass filter kettle is not easy to crack? First of all, the most important point is high borosilicate glass has a special advantage of thermal uniformity; Many of high borosilicate glass said the introduction of high strength, high hardness, low inflation rate, etc. , but never mentioned the advantages of uniform heating. Actually common glass hit 100 degrees at room temperature is the biggest cause of glass pot of hot water will burst heat unevenly, pour the water on, instantaneous temperature rise, make the glass pot heating uneven when instantaneous burst. High borosilicate glass filter kettle is to add the traditional glass glaze of boron silicate sand, through more than 1000 degrees high temperature high boron glass of sodium silicate sand, soda and lime, avoid common glass water burst problem effectively. This is why high borosilicate glass pot with low inflation, high strength, high hardness, high light transmittance performance. With high borosilicate glass material close to water absorption, so particularly easy for you to clean. Due to the special properties of the high borosilicate glass, it is widely used in tea and medicine and other industries.
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