【 Hot kettle manufacturer 】 Solar energy water heater faults and maintenance

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Water heater intelligent instrument display water temperature and water is full, but there was no hot water hot water valve switch is not open, or turn down the cold water valve, also can increase supply pump to increase the hot water, water pressure and the water heater outlet pipe bold. 1, water heater, water temperature is not hot in use for water tank supply cold water, not often use smart meter set time of water every day, try to use hot water before this time. Water valve damage, slow water heater has been in a state of water, repair or replace the water valve. 2, hot water temperature in the process of bathing is not stable, often changes in municipal water pressure instability; Inside other water point increase or decrease, make the cold water and hot water flow constantly changes in water temperature changes. 3, in the process of the electric heating, intelligent instrument emit noise, which belongs to the normal phenomenon. 4, water with water after the water level from 100% to 80%, is normal. 5, when there is no water in the cistern cases showed 100% ( The water level is displayed tank is full but couldn't put the hot water) Frozen water, water temperature sensor is always filled with water. The water heater is as long as the thawing, the intelligent meter back to normal. 6, electrical heating lamp in flashing, sometimes appear flashing temperature display, sometimes according to temperature. Possible reasons for electrical heating or user home plug wire, zero deficiency; If the socket is not left zero right fire, interferences with leakage protection for transformer, also can produce this kind of phenomenon.
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