【 Hot kettle manufacturer 】 Water heater installation method

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Water heater is one of the commonly used home appliances, can make us very easy can enjoy a comfortable hot bath, and now is so many different kinds of water heater, gas water heater, electric water heater, solar water heater and so on. In addition to special solar water heater, several other water heater installation method are the same, now, the author will introduce for you to compare general water heater installation method. Water heater installation method 1. First opened the package, check the water heater for bad place, after check out, we will find that there are two hooks behind water heater, is to make the water heater is hung on the wall. 2. See the link, what is the distance between them up and down, again good the length and width measurement of the water heater and then draw the location of the need to turn on the wall. 3. After painting, we can start drilling, basically water heater inside some of them are with expansion screws, if there is no need to buy, it is better to buy a larger, it will be more strong. 4. After the eye with a hammer to knock into the expansion screws, so that the screw is more strong. Then use pliers or wrench, bring the anchors to tight so that the water heater to hang up. 5. Then lift water heater, the basic advice carried two men is better, this convenient suspension, and then put the water heater at the back of the hook on the anchors a hang up, this water heater is fixed. 6. Then there is the inlet and outlet. 40 wide hose need buyers to buy here, and then from their own water inlet, outlet connected to the water heater to the outlet of the water heater, water inlet connected to the home, and then plug in the power supply for heating.
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