Hot kettle of choose and buy skills

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Hot kettle products on the market, the brand is various, consumer is when the choose and buy is often a hindrance, so, how to choose and buy hot pot? Low see need: according to the habit of use and the actual need to choose and buy. Now in the market of filter capacity in 0 of the kettle. 8 to 1 l. Between 8 l. The family can choose 1 of 2 to 3 people. 2 l, 1000 w electric kettle; 4 to 5 people can choose 1. 8 l, 1800 w electric kettle. * see note: take a closer look at the product logo and instructions. Standards should be complete, the label of the product include: enterprise name, address, type, specification, trade mark, voltage parameters, power, the power of the nature of symbols, etc. ; Should be to prevent the misuse of warnings, should be detailed cleaning methods. Low see appearance: now in the market of filter mostly adopts the national security of a plastic kettle. Plastic parts thicker and more smooth, bright and beautiful appearance. When the choose and buy should pay special attention to the sealing conditions, should be no water leakage phenomenon. If the heating element as you can see, pay attention to the interface element and the pot body, when the choose and buy should be installed firmly and reliable sealing, with his hand gently upon heating elements, check whether the assembly is strong, should not have loose phenomenon. Choose low limit of temperature, the choose and buy products with limited probe control functions. Band-limited probe is the product after the water boiling limit probe is able to automatically cut off power supply. Now most of normal manufacturer production filter kettle using probe is limit. Select brands: try to choose larger scale, product quality and service quality good well-known enterprises.
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