Hot pot life common sense

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
1, why to after vacuum flask to get most of the bottles of water, cork, wood out '? Pouring half bottle of water, there is also less than half bottle of air, heat, volume will become much more, produce a lot of pressure to make the cork out. 2 why vacuum flask in boiling water, there is not much left, if not leak the cork, after a period of time, the cork can be hard to pull out? Under the condition of water in the bottle is not much, the air is more, the air cools, will shrink a lot of volume, so the pressure inside the pressure than the outside air is small, the cork will be hard to pull out. 3, soya-bean milk should not be installed in the hot pot. Don't use thermos storage soya-bean milk. Saponins of soya-bean milk, can take off the scale in the vacuum flask, soya-bean milk in a thermos, can make the bacteria in the bottle under the condition of temperature is appropriate, will soya-bean milk as a food and a large number of breeding, after 3 ~ 4 hours can make soybean milk rancidity deterioration. 4, store don't drink plain boiled water more than three days. Concerned expert reminds everybody, unfavorable drink plain boiled water more than three days. Water storage for too long, will be infected by bacteria produce nitrite, nitrite once enter human body, can make the hypoxia, symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, headache, flustered, serious still can make the person lack of oxygen to death. Nitrite in the human body can form nitrosamines, promote liver cancer, gastric cancer, etc. After the boiling water is warm in the vacuum flask, bacteria multiply faster, more reduction of nitrite. 5, pressure type vacuum flask, first should not be drinking a glass of water. Daily drinking water, contain a certain amount of minerals and chemical elements, this little hinder to human body health. Pneumatic vacuum flask after irrigation, however, due to the 'scale', which is formed by the deposition is harmful to human body. And air pressure type vacuum flask of first cup of water, often containing scale is more, unfavorable drink. Especially for patients with hyperthyroidism, urinary tract infection (uti) ', 'enlarged prostate' as well as the long-term use of hormone and bedridden patients, susceptible to urinary stones.
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