Hot pot with you meet good morning

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
Life so beautiful, why push yourself too hard good morning, a cup of hot water with honey lemon tea a pot of hot water, why wait so long you just short of a double anti hot hot hot water kettle, gao peng within the double-deck healthy drinking water artifact silicon glass manufacture meticulously, wear resistance, easy to clean, safe guard insulation against the hot design, surface temperature is less than 60%, accidentally touch will not burn. Stainless steel heating bottom and imported 304 stainless steel hot plate, heat transfer rate is high, stable performance and reach the food safety requirements. Brand thermostat, ensure that 100% of the water boiling, can in the induction of steam and dry heating protection after the failure of the protection, 10 - water after boiling The bacteria in the water for 15 seconds, clear. Stainless steel cover design, avoid the damage of steam inside, prolong service life. A integrated spout, and seamless connection between mesh, water yield, anti sliding sideways. Stainless steel button, button is made of high quality stainless steel, a key switch, the comfortable feel, under more pressure. Plastic bags prevent scratch, dual protection, thick paper full power base, warranty card and the suitable specification, exquisite packaging, thick solid outer double anti hot hot kettle you're worth it!
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