Household filter kettle in general? Two people use should buy what good?

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
The filter on market general capacity in a kettle. About 5 l ~ 2 l, the most common is ordinary filter ordinary stainless steel electric kettle and outer plastic kettle; There is also a kind of switch filter under the kettle, the price is about 8 times of ordinary electric kettle, size is 1. About 5 ~ 2 l. In general, a family of three 2 l electric kettle is enough, two people can be reduced to 1. 5 l or 1. 8L。 In daily life, we drink bottled water about 600 ml, in only three cups in the cup. 1. 8 l equivalent to three bottles of water, so a burn this two people to drink enough water. Note: a drink too much water is not good for the body. Boiling water is a kind of low osmotic pressure of the liquid, contains few minerals. Therefore, one day drink a lot of hot water, the water enters the body can produce diuretic effect. After a large number of drinking water, discharge of urine in the body is more than drinking water. This is because the human body in the condition of low permeability a kind of normal secretion of antidiuretic hormone is restrained. As a result, a large number of drinking hot water is not necessarily can supplement moisture. On the contrary, due to the diuretic effect, the body of sodium, potassium, chloride electrolyte with urine loss, etc.
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