Household filter kettle used items

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
Now, almost everyone in the use of filter kettle. It is very convenient, is also very simple, but there are some details, often easily ignored by us, here for you a few examples: household filters use item 1 kettle, vent is a very important Settings in POTS, this hole leads to the inside and outside. Jam, thermos bottle lid will burst. Very unsafe, so vent never jam! 2, shall not exceed the water line. Every pot with the highest water level L, this also is for everyone's safety. If water level is too high, it is easy to overflow, cause burns or get an electric shock! Not to be sneezed at. 3, filter water descaling, a long time scale, it is hard to clean it, the most convenient is our peacetime eat fruit, lemon slices, put two pieces of kettle, boil after half an hour, can effectively remove scale. 4, no fruit, we use vinegar to remove scale. Boiling water, add vinegar, soak a period of time, sometimes if the scale is very thick, it can be difficult to clean; This need not worry, add vinegar soak, normal use you will find that the rest of the scale are also gradually disappear! 5, maintain the cleanness of the chassis, don't have water, in order to avoid the risk of electric shock. And in boiling water, the location of the chassis must be horizontal, otherwise it may lead to poor contact chassis. 6, the kettle has the possibility of a leak, no matter how beautiful the kettle, all need to pay attention to safety. In use, we always put the kettle on the water table, lead to become wet at the bottom of the kettle. In this case, if the water leakage, we can't be found in the first time, to develop good habits, clean electric hot water bottle in a timely manner to keep dry!
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