Household filter plug wire of the kettle why so short

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
If the power cord is too long, can cause safety accidents. Filter kettle, electric rice cooker, electric rice cooker and other home appliances power is larger. According to power P = I2 * R, the greater the resistance R, P, the greater the power, the greater the power cord of fever. Conductor resistance and length, cross-sectional area, the smaller cross-sectional area of the greater the resistance, the longer the wire, the greater the resistance. As a result, the power cord can't be too thin and too long, otherwise, the power cord fever serious can lead to accidents. Therefore, the state formulates the special requirements of household and similar electrical appliances safety liquid heater ', the filter of the kettle cord unless the spiral cord, otherwise it shall not be longer than 75 cm, but has no specific requirements on the lower limit of the power cord length. Normal manufacturer of production in strict accordance with the national standard design, the power cord length will not lengthen the convenience of users to easily, will not bring security risk to the user. Filter the power cord length of the kettle is 0. 6 m, a few small factory production of filter the power cord length less than 0 of the kettle. 5 m, the use of inconvenient. Some manufacturers to filter the power cord of the kettle for short, is mainly to reduce production cost, make more money. Generally, because of the large power filter kettle power above 1000 w, like filter kettle, some models of the power of 1800 w, more than 8 a working current. For such a big power, the power cord is usually 1. 5 square wire diameter, so that the power cord is longer, will increase some cost. The cost of a power cord didn't increase a lot, but in mass production cost will be high. In addition, filter the power cord can generally coil on the base of the kettle, if the power cord length reaches 1. 5 m, base size remains the same, the power cord can't completely wrapped around the base. In addition to the above two reasons, filter the power cord is not long is mainly because of security concerns of the kettle. Because the same cross-sectional area of the power cord length is longer, the greater the resistance of the wire, so under the condition of the current is too large, the temperature rise of the power cord will be higher, especially the product of small manufacturer, the power cord is inferior made of copper, wire insulation also is very poor, so the power cord long burn out chance will increase, so the filter the power cord is generally short of the kettle. If home filter kettle of the power cord is too short, affect the normal use, can buy a line length and diameter of right three core power cord, change myself.
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