How do you use the boiled tea machine? Usage is introduced

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
With boiling tea is tea, the most important thing is that water and electricity safety, concrete steps can be divided into two parts water and use the switch button. How do you use the boiled tea machine? Specific methods are as follows: 1, the first water injection, water injection will boil tea from the base unit. Can spout water, also can open the lid, and then will cook tea in water injection. Don't forget to cover after water injection. When water injection, please do not lower than the lowest water level, so as not to dry up. Don't more than the highest water level to prevent when boiling water overflow. 2, open the power switch will boil tea is placed in to connect to the socket on the base of the device. Power switch button to the 'I' position, the indicator will light up. Boil tea start heating. The last step is to turn the power off. When the water boil, boil tea device will automatically shut off the power. Turn off the power supply by hand at any time during the process of boiling, just push the power switch to 'O' position. It is important to note that after turn off the power supply is good cook, must pay attention to safety electricity, boil tea boiled out of tea is very delicious, with boiled tea, must according to the instruction to use.
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