How many liters appropriate home filter water bottle? Household size filter kettle is usually how many liters

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Now household filter capacity is usually 1 kettle. 5 - 1. 8 l, it is recommended to use filter kettle, it USES high borosilicate glass material, safe; Looks beautiful and easy, elegant and noble, large capacity, convenient and practical, optional 1. 5 - 1. 8 - 2. 0 l capacity, advanced heat preservation function allows you to drink warm water at any time. If the family need to use the filter kettle, suggest to buy 1. 8 litres, because small filter need frequent boiling kettle, too much of a filter kettle boiling time is too long, relatively poor thermal insulation. Next, the author explained the buyers how much capacity to keep electric kettle. Filter kettle as a daily life of commonly used articles for daily use, can saying is very common in many families. At the same time the filter kettle on market and have many specifications, the normal family use advice is to buy 1 here. 8 litres of filter specifications kettle. If buy filter kettle specification is too big, on the one hand, will extend to boil water to time, if there is no heat preservation function filters the kettle at the same time, specification is too big filter kettle in time is very easy to catch cold catch cold. If buy filter water volume is too small, need frequent operation, electricity pressure will increase. Inferior filter kettle what harm is there? As is known to all, filter kettle is very convenient, but inferior filter actually contains high manganese steel kettle. If the filter of high manganese steel kettle is too high, long-term use can cause harm to human body. While adults immunity is better, but for the elderly and children, still can appear sallow complexion, etc. The water in the kettle to boil over and over again? Some friend like to drink hot water, but the filter after the kettle to boil water cool, some people would covet convenient, directly open the switch burn again. Actually filter the water in the kettle is not boiling over and over again. Repeated electric kettle to boil water to make a small amount of nitrate in the water by chemical reactions into nitrite. Nitrite will of hemoglobin in the human body into nitrite hemoglobin, lose red blood cells carry oxygen function. So, can't repeat with filter kettle boil water.
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