How many watts electric kettle, often use will filter the kettle are a power hog

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
How many watts of electric kettle? Most of the household filter kettle is 1500 watts. Various filters output specifications of the kettle is different, so also have greatly small power electric kettle. In addition to 1500 watts of filter kettle, and 800 w, 1000 w and 2000 w filter kettle. Power is no connection with pot size, some of the 1. 5 l and 1. 7 l electric kettle power can be achieved 1800 w. Quick heating is the most basic requirements: filter kettle feer is original coil into a more generous chassis, more beautiful and practical, to solve the problem of scale is not easy to clean; 2 it is thermal conversion efficiency is high, often can make the water boiling in 3 ~ 5 minutes. Filter rating of the kettle, generally larger, power plugs, sockets, the capacity of the power cord should be appropriate choice, should be more than 10 amperes, and should be used independently to ensure safety. Geomagnetic keep filter kettle power plugs, sockets, power cord, switch, such as dry cleaning, don't rinse area directly, in order to avoid damage due to moisture electrical insulation, failure or leakage. Will often use filter kettle are a power hog? Generally speaking, the electrical appliances power determines its power consumption, different power filter kettle product in the use of different power consumption is different, 1000 w filter continuous use 1 kettle. 4 hours of power consumption is 1 degree, 1500 w filter kettle continuous use 40 minutes to consume 1 KWH, can undertake choosing according to power consumption. At present, our most commonly used household filter kettle is 1500 watts. Each power of an electric kettle is not fixed, so the power of electric kettle from big to small. Electric kettle of power is not the biggest, in the home appliances in the household appliances power larger products mainly hair dryer, induction cooker, etc. , but not least, some large capacity electric appliances, such as the power consumption of air conditioning a generally is 1100 w, 1500 w electric kettle than an air-conditioning power consumption is much larger.
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