How much money ceramic filter kettle, electric kettle using method

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
Ceramic filter kettle is one of the popular filter kettle, its appearance is also very beautiful, in the use of performance is also very good, can meet the needs of our families, so it is also one of the many filter kettle products preferred. How much ceramic filter kettle? What is the use of the electric kettle? The author in the following article is to introduce in detail. How much money a, ceramic filter kettle filter kettle price mainly depends on the brand and type, common filter kettle few money can buy, and relatively safer practical ceramic filters, double hot kettle filter kettle price is in commonly 200 or so. Second, the use of electric kettle method 1. In the kettle with water, on the first turn on the power cord is connected to the kettle body, then insert the other end into the power socket can be heated. For switch or automatic switch of electric kettle, should turn on the switch, the electric kettle electricity. Attention please, don't hold water after connect the power supply, otherwise it will burn out heaters, causes dangerous accidents. 2. Not more than the highest water level water injection, to avoid overflow when the water boils. Use common electric kettle, water injection can not too little. Not so, soon dry, electric heat pipe above the water became empty, is easy to burn. 3. Filter rating of the kettle, generally larger, plugs, sockets and the capacity of the power cord must be appropriate to choose, suitable for 10 - 15 amperes, and must be used independently, in order to ensure safety. 4. Geomagnetic keep electric kettle power plugs, sockets, power cord, automatic switching device, such as the dry and clean, do not wash with water, in order to avoid because of moisture damage electrical insulating, cause failure and leakage. 5. After boiling water or beverage, turning on the power supply is easy to cause harm. Please remove the plug, cut off power supply, water again, to ensure safety.
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