How much money filter kettle wholesale prices

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-04
Now every family has a filter kettle not only, and in places such as hotels and restaurants are also a lot of use of filter kettle, how can see filter kettle market, filter business opportunities of the kettle is very attractive. Today we are going to know about the wholesale price of filter kettle, take a look at the filters wholesale price how many kettle. Filter kettle wholesale prices filter bottle the quality standard of qualified stainless steel filter kettle to have triple security Settings, namely steam switch protection, when the water boils the steam switch action, make the kettle power; Dry protection, such as steam switch action, water will always burn down and shrinking when water under low water level or when burning, the other a bimetallic strip temperature control will action, make the kettle power; If above are not work, as the temperature increases, the thermostat inside a plastic push rod will melt, the kettle without electricity. Stainless steel filter kettle wholesale price for you to introduce market sale price of stainless steel electric kettle. Stainless steel kettle wholesale price is determined by the manufacturer, usually with dealers coordination, belongs to the commercial secrets. However, we can infer from the market sales price filters the scope of the wholesale price of kettle. According to the monitoring results, the price of the filter kettle under 50 yuan, only 44. 4% qualified, qualified rate of more than 50 yuan of above 80%. Inspection found that brand electric kettle are adopted 304 stainless steel, the surface of the product and marked '304 stainless steel' on the wall. The unqualified products will adopt the relatively poor high manganese steel. Using 304 stainless steel filter kettle, the manganese content less than 2%, excellent corrosion resistance. Electric kettle of point 1, the surface and inner surface of choose and buy should choose 304 mark of stainless steel electric kettle, hukou and lid is safer. As far as possible choose double anti hot thermoelectric pot, to prevent burns. 2, take a closer look at the product logo and instructions, and product performance and parameters, such as company name, address and specifications ( Such as capacity) , heart, trade mark, voltage parameters, power, etc. 3, if we choose a capacity of 1. 5 - 1. 8 litres of water, we should choose the w - 1200 The power of 1800 w. 4, now to be on the safe side, the national standard electric kettle the power cord is commonly 0. 5 - 0. 7 meters, the power cord is too long, easy to cause the dangerous situation of hydropower communication, should pay attention to when buying. 5, according to their own conditions and actual needs to choose the appropriate size of the filter kettle. Filter the wholesale price of the kettle is usually kept secret, is a contract between manufacturer and distributor agreement, in order to win customers, each manufacturer's wholesale price, competition and to a certain extent, this is understandable. If electric kettle friends want to do wholesale business, you can contact.
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