How should choose and buy household filter water bottle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-06
Household filter kettle in the Chinese market is very popular, because it has many advantages: convenient, quick, good safety, etc. We each family has at least one filter kettle, boiling water is very simple. However, there has been a problem in filter kettle, that is the common fault of the electrical appliances. If you use the time is long, there will be some problems more or less, so household filters should be how to choose and buy kettle? At present, the filters on the market the kettle material mainly have three kinds of stainless steel, ceramics and glass. Stainless steel nonpoisonous and harmless, in use process does not produce harmful substances. Its advantage is beautiful, strong and durable. Because of its unique adsorption, stainless steel used for a long time will produce scale. If the enclosure of the kettle is stainless steel, be careful when using, so as to avoid burns. Ceramic material of high grade of electric kettle, tea set, together with ornamental value is high. Glass filter generally called curing pot, kettle functional diversity is very beautiful, and material also is the safest. Not only pay attention to appearance, but also pay attention to the capacity of the electric kettle, in particular, want to choose how much capacity depends on the actual number, 2 - Three people generally choose 1 l capacity, 4 - About 5 people generally choose 2 l capacity. When choosing the filter kettle, we should choose according to the product quality. In addition, the brand and signs are also important, such as company name, address and specifications ( Such as capacity) , models, trademarks, nature of voltage parameters, power supply, power supply, etc. In terms of safety, we have temperature control of household filter kettle is to choose the best. Automatic cut off power supply when water to boil, or in POTS without water power automatically, to avoid dry, and avoid accident when unattended. Still have a bit very important, we want to buy regular channel filter kettle, so buy kettle is guaranteed, even if the accident also can find the responsible units. We should avoid from small traders buy electric kettle. There is no any guarantee the kettle. They are likely to be small workshops to produce fake and inferior products. Although it is cheaper, but in the use process did not give us any security.
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