How the new filter kettle cleaning, filter kettle of water to burn a few times to drink

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-03
Filter of the kettle invention brought a lot of convenience to our life, so to speak, before this, people to boil water can only blame on a gas burner with pot boil water. Although after boiling water will automatically make sounds to remind people, but when people go out, to boil water in the home can become very dangerous, and filter the kettle is perfectly solved this problem, even if people around when boiling water is not, can automatically cut off power supply, to ensure safety. How to wash new filter kettle? Salt to taste method: the new filter kettle buy back home, to join the half pot of water, add 2 tablespoons salt, constantly shake up and down several times, then throw away salt water to a boil, repeated several times, plastic taste will be much smaller. Because of salt dissolving will have small particles, repeatedly shaking can flush the holes on the surface of the plastic, reach to taste. With waste tea tea to taste method: scrub, reoccupy clear water is rinsed, tea, can make full use of the waste odor filter kettle will light a lot, environmental protection and practical. Orange peel to taste method: use detergent to clean hot kettle, add fresh orange peels, cover, put in about 3 ~ 4 hours, wash clean can. Be careful not to add vinegar to taste to the kettle, because strong acid corrosion plastic wall, leading to smell more. If all the above method can remove the new filter kettle peculiar smell, and the boiling water after sends out a strong pungent odor, is likely to be bought filter material of the kettle is not good, is used to boil water for a long time may be harmful to the body, should consider change insurance electric kettle. New filter kettle several times to drink water? New filters are basic tastes of kettle. Because the lid or handle is plastic commonly, washing, boiled water two or three times to pour out the water, the basic is no problem. Because of the new filter kettle with a layer of oil film, so the first boiled water is best not to drink. Still have even if is a plastic lid began to get a little taste, these are all normal, burn the water head a few times have to do is not to drink.
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