How to choose and buy filter kettle? Household filter kettle selection method

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
Filter kettle is one of the commonly used household appliances, attention should be paid to choose when buying. How to choose the filter water bottle? Take you know together. 1, filter capacity electric kettle is usually 1 kettle. 7 - 2. 0 l, it depends on personal needs. According to their own conditions and actual needs, in general, 2 - Family can choose 1 of 3 people. 2 l - 1. 5 l electric kettle. 4 - Five people can choose 1. 8L- 2. 0 l electric kettle. 2, use the crowd if there are old people and children at home, suggested that choose insulation against the hot filter kettle. The kettle has special hot resistant, anti dumping and overflow design, protection of the elderly and children. 3, filter kettle quality filter switch principle of the kettle is when the water boiling, steam through the catheter pieces of metal thermal deformation, thermal element, which cut off power supply. Power is the irreversible process, there will be no secondary heating. Temperature control components in power automatically after the water boils, not dry up, it is very safe. 4, filter kettle to filter the kettle from inside to outside appearance look again carefully. By the way, shake sound. See filters the overall work of the kettle, juncture is strong? Plastic accessories if there is a burr, whether material materials evenly. Whether the metal pot body smooth and bright. Large filter kettle manufacturers usually have strict factory inspection, generally up to avoid these problems. If after shaking noise, loose kettle, unqualified belong to quality problems.
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