How to choose and buy filter kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
Filter kettle is one of all the household electrical appliances required. Is mainly used to boil water, boil tea, coffee and so on. Are used every day in almost filter kettle, so to speak, so how to choose a safe, durable, quality assured filter kettle is very important. How to filter a kettle of choose and buy, the tank material filter kettle is used to boil water, boiling water will be drink into the belly. If you don't security filter material of the kettle, toxic, boiled water with harmful substances, to some extent, long-term drinking will gradually affect our health. Despite what water quality problem, the filter of the kettle tank material is direct contact with water, so the tank material to choose the level of food safety. In this regard, China has formulated the related laws and regulations. Among them, the electrical and electronic products, if contain the following harmful substances, is banned the sale. 1. Lead and its compounds; 2. Mercury and its compounds; 3. Cadmium and its compounds; 4. Hexavalent chromium compounds; 5. Polybrominated biphenyls ( PBB) ; 6. Polybrominated diphenyl ether ( PBDE) ; 7. The provisions of the state of other harmful substances. There are mainly four kind of materials on the market, which is 304 stainless steel, plastic, glass, etc. 304 stainless steel, ceramics, glass and other materials resistant to high temperature, the chemical and stable than plastic, we shall give priority to choose. As for the plastic material, many filter kettle manufacturers in the directions to use food grade material, the polypropylene is safe. 2, the thermostat domestic brand of thermostat is divided into use Britain STRIX thermostat and use ABRAZO thermostat domestic thermostat, have automatic cut off power supply and prevent dry heating function, security is almost no difference. 3, brand choice some well-known brand filter kettle, more safe and reliable quality. About electric brand choice, can take a look at China's top ten brand filter kettle. Can give preference to beauty,, supor, sun, etc. ; Of course some other brands also some good products. 4, the price is a matter of fact, the price is related to the filter function of the kettle, order from high to low is: constant temperature filter kettle & gt; Double anti hot filter kettle & gt; Filter the kettle.
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