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by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Many families in household water heater of choose and buy when, there will be a certain amount of struggle, what kind of water heater is worry! Household water heater how to choose? How to choose? Choose what kind of? What kind of? Gas water heater and electric water heater and solar water heaters and air can water heater which good? To take a bath in the cold winter is absolutely cannot be omitted, but there are also questions about to take a bath, the choice of the water heater is a quite important link, the electric water heater, gas water heater, and hot air can, solar energy, light looked at these names are let you some lost? Never mind, look at the following Suggestions. Water heater in accordance with the principle of different can be divided into electric water heater, gas water heater, solar water heater and air can water heater. Electric water heater is divided into storage type and heat type ( Also known as rapid type) Two. The characteristics of the electric water heater is easy to use, energy conservation, environmental protection, can continue to supply hot water. Instant water heater: advantages: out of hot water fast, only 3 seconds; Hot water is not restricted, but continuous heating water; Small size, appearance is delicate; Installation, convenient to use; Need to how much how much electricity hot water, consume less power. That is hot, save electricity saving water, convenient installation, the space is little. Disadvantages: high power, need to set aside at least four square wire. Tap water temperature low water yield little in the winter. Heating system is instant water heater safe and efficient performance of the key. Water leakage is the core that thermoelectric water heater heating technology to solve the key, electrical protection wall, line control system of the safety inspection, leakage protection function and external leakage protection switch and so on has also played a role, but more is take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure. The modern people to the safety of home appliance is that I wish to do absolutely arrived back home safe and sound, so how to solve the thermal heating system leakage, leakage, scale, dry and other security issues in electric water heater industry as the top priority.
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