How to choose the filter kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
Everyone knows filter kettle play an important role in our life, the author will give you today to explain how to choose the filter kettle. About how to choose the filter kettle: 1, there are many kinds of type type type filter kettle, common among them has: the ordinary filter kettle, automatic temperature control filter kettle and belt pressure filter kettle of water supply equipment. 2, the interface and switch to check if the power cord connector and the pot body connection is reliable, tear open outfit is flexible, so as not to affect the normal use. Heater and the interface between the kettle must firmly, seal must be good, must not leak. When buying, hand gently upon heaters are available, and check whether the assembly is strong, can't have loose phenomenon. Filter switch button of the kettle is very important, when you buy special check whether the electric kettle is flexible; Loading and unloading of cover, the inner pot and inner is flexible and convenient, sealed performance is good, and so on. 3, see the thermostat filter kettle thermostat, the better the quality of the temperature controller can be used more than 6000 times, and prevent dry heating protection device, safe and reliable, long service life. Thermostat imported brand, quality is good, but the price is relatively expensive, if it is a small brand filter kettle temperature controller is difficult to guarantee quality. 4, the pot body material had better choose 304 stainless steel or high borosilicate glass electric kettle. Because these materials have rust resistant function, the scale, will not harm people's health.
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