How to choose the filter water bottle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
A man can not eat a few days, not a few days without drinking water. In addition to the Chinese like to drink tea, also like to drink water, filter kettle has become the indispensable small home appliance in our life. In the face of price is not high, a wide variety of goods, we should be how to choose the filter kettle? A, kettle material ( Drinking water health) Whether drinking water health and filter material has a direct relationship of the kettle. Excess of manganese in a few years ago, the filter kettle event caused the extreme fear of people, because some bad manufacturer use high manganese steel as the filter material kettle. When buying, we must check whether the filter kettle wall is marked 304 stainless steel, etc. It is best to choose a integrated filter tank material kettle. This kind of tank anti-corrosion, rust prevention performance is good. Second, the thermostat ( Is it safe heating) The thermostat is filter core device of the kettle. If temperature control failure, boiling water, the water boiled away will continue to burn, it is very dangerous. At present, the imported filter kettle thermostat mainly by the British, inlet temperature control is also determines the price of the filter kettle. Three, use scenario ( Considering the additional required) Buy filter kettle another key is to allow for we actually use the scenes, whether need to heat preservation function, demand for drinking water, boil water voice, heating rate, etc. Four, filter kettle considerations ( Safe use) If you buy a quality and appearance are good filter kettle, whether can use? Of course not! When you boil water, don't put the water is too full, shall not exceed the highest water level, so that the water on to boil easily spill, shorting out the flow on the pedestal.
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