How to choose the filter water bottle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-05
Water plays an important role in our daily diet. Normal adults need 1000 - a day on average 2500 ml of water to ensure normal metabolism. We used to drink water, tea, coffee, etc. , and our life has a lot of contact. Although we so closely with water, but most of us and good for health standard water lack enough understanding. What kind of water is good and healthy? From the point of view of drinking water and health, a glass of water features mainly include the following: 1. Pure water; The water does not contain pathogens, heavy metals, disinfection with chlorine and other harmful chemicals. 2. Rich nutrition; Water should contain the right proportion of minerals and trace elements. 3. Suitable for the human body; Water quality should be weak alkaline, neutralize the acid constitution of modern, balance the body's acid and alkaline. So, how to make a pot of so healthy water? It is obvious that selection is the key to filter the kettle. Glass filter kettle, healthy drinking water artifact! Cool blue water, accurate temperature control, ensure sufficient boiling; Put hot insulation design, the surface temperature is less than 60 degrees, accidentally touch will not burn. Multi-functional temperature control, blue LED display screen; 304 stainless steel heating chassis, heat transfer rate is high, stable performance!
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