How to clean the dirt in filter kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-02
Filter kettle is very convenient to use, safe operation, so many people like to use it. Filter kettle internal dirt is difficult to clean, however, the following authors share with you about the filter cleaning method of the kettle. Only use lemon juice can quickly solve this difficult problem. Lemon juice has no pungent smell, no harmful residue, so it is the best choice for cleaning filter kettle. Whether to buy a lemon, or directly buy bottled lemon juice, it is a good choice. Put 3 tablespoons lemon juice in a filter kettle, and then add a glass of water. Shake, let stand for half an hour, and then add a glass of water. After close the lid, put through power supply, began to boil water. After the water cooling, clean with clear water, you can see the miracle. Some people use vinegar to clean the scale in the electric kettle, but when the water boils, whole room can have the taste of vinegar, very pungent. Afraid residues, and the use of chemical products because water is drunk directly into the body. The lemon juice can not only make the filter kettle inside bright as new, also can remove the peculiar smell. Above is how the author provide filter kettle scale removal tips, let you no longer worry about your drinking water will be harmful material. The above content mainly introduces how to clean up the dirt in filter kettle, hope I can help to you, if you want to learn more knowledge, can continue to pay attention to filter the kettle.
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