How to correctly use the filter water bottle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-04
Previously, we want to drink hot water, through a gas stove, oven, pan, etc. Now we commonly used is water dispenser or using filter kettle boil water to drink. Of course, there are there are other better ways of boiling water. This for using computer, mobile phone, refrigerator, TV and computer time, use the filter kettle is very convenient, then, should we how to use the filter kettle? Use it what need to notice? First, the injected water of the kettle should be at least above the top of the heater a few millimeters, but shall not exceed the provisions of the highest water level. This means that the injected water in an interval, must pay attention to. Above the surface of the heater a few millimeters above will not result in a heater dry; Does not exceed the prescribed the highest water level, in order to keep the desk and the floor is full of water when the water is boiling. When using, should first hold water, and electricity. Prevent dry heating hot water severely reduce the life of a hot water. Now many places use of automatic adding water, can induction, can according to the capacity of the kettle to add water. Of a switch will automatically fill the kettle, add water after reaching standard will automatically stop. Use hot water bottle, must often remove hot kettle scale and other dirt. Otherwise it will affect the filter thermal efficiency and life span of the kettle. Water use must contain some impurities, boiling water for a long time, is bound to accumulate impurities. About scale, can wipe use salt, salt has a special effect to remove the rust and alkali. Therefore, it is necessary to remove scale and dirt often. If use electric kettle boil water, hot water bottle is plastic, after the water boils, as soon as possible to open the lid placed, hot water or hot water into the pot hot water as soon as possible, to avoid the smell of hot water the lid and the handle plastic for a long time a lot of dissolved. Like to drink water, do not have to worry about water is faulty. When pouring water, don't charged to use, it is very unsafe. As is known to all, get an electric shock the result is very serious. So, you must use electricity situation. In the use of filter kettle, it is best to put it in a dry place, in order to avoid moisture, reduce its safety.
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