How to deal with the filter kettle failure

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
1, electricity but no heating electricity heating is common problem in filter kettle fault, in the event of the fault, may be a link or electric heat tube has a problem. This kind of circumstance, need to get a new one. If spring deformation or set or socket is broken, it can also lead to poor contact, also need to be replaced. 2, power indicator light is not bright open filter kettle power, power is no problem. When boiling water press the switch, filter kettle of the light is not bright. In this case, check carefully whether the metal reed pressure on the contact lever switch, if pressure on the switch lever, picked up the electric kettle to bend the can. If not the problem, clean after use. 3, automatic water to boil not power outages. Sometimes, when you use a filter kettle, you will encounter has been constantly electric power of water to boil. This may be because the connection switch rod failure or deformation temperature sensors. Carefully observe the switch link rod below to see if there is dirt jam, so can be cleaned. If the temperature sensor deformation, it is necessary to bend the temperature sensor of the uvula to bend.
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