How to remove scale in the kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-06
Commonly used in the electric kettle should be our life. Authors often live in dormitories, no water dispenser, so can only use hot kettle boil water, but after a period of time, the kettle will deposit in the bottom of a pot of a lot of yellow scales, looks very dirty, the water is boiling need more and long time, but the author always use these four small method to clear the kettle scale, after using the kettle will look as good as new. How to remove 1 kettle in the scale, the mature vinegar most people only know vinegar can remove scale, but certainly don't know mature vinegar to scale effect is the best. We can pour some mature vinegar into the kettle, plug to boil, then let it stand for half an hour. Vinegar to soften the scale, can easily wipe with a towel. 2, potato skin potato skin and remove the scale of the good things. We put the potato skin cut off into kettle, add water to turn it on to boil, stirring with chopsticks after 5 minutes, let stand for about 20 minutes to make scale become soft, and finally with a clean cloth to wipe the scale after rinse. 3, cold water a lot of people don't understand, how to remove scale in cold water? In fact, we can use the principle of heat bilges cold shrink to scale fall off naturally. Specific approach is to prepare a pot of cold water first, put the empty bottle is connected to the power supply, let it dry for a while. When we heard a big noise in the kettle, cut off power supply, pour cold water into the kettle. After repeating the process about 3 to 5 times, the scale will fall off naturally. This method is not recommended, however, is easy to filter water damage. 4, noodles noodles in soup, soup and rice water can remove scale. We can put the rest of after the noodles soup or rice water into the kettle, and then open the power, let it stand for half an hour. When a scale to soften, it is easy to erase. With the kettle boil water, the scale is inevitable problems, in order to reduce the scale of the deposit, we can put a magnet at the bottom of the kettle, such not only can reduce the scale of the deposit, and can be softened water, make water to drink more healthy.
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