How to remove the oil filter water bottle? Remove the filter oil kettle method is introduced

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
In the modern family life, filter kettle is an essential part of every household electrical appliances, it is very convenient to use it to boil water. Believe that a lot of families with filter kettle in the kitchen, is commonly used for cooking, more natural lampblack. So the filter kettle in the kitchen for a long time, will be a thick layer of oil pollution. So, filter oil how to remove of the kettle? The following small series will help you. Interested friends may wish to look at together. First, the cleaner to remove grease. The cleaner filter painted directly on the outer surface of the kettle, and then gently with wet cloth to wipe to remove grease. Use detergent to remove the oil more quickly and easy to clean, can also be isolated oil pollution. Second, remove grease stain on GuaGuoPi. Don't throw away the rest of the watermelon. Use it to wipe the filter kettle, filter can remove the oil on the surface of the kettle. GuaGuoPi degreasing method operation is simple, quick decontamination, achieve the goal of a good clean. Third, use flour to remove grease. Flour decontamination effect is very good. If there is the oil filter kettle surface, only need a small amount of flour can be cleaned up. Flour can avoid the spread of the oil pollution, and it is not easy to dirty clean cloth, clean up more convenient. Fourth, the rice water to remove grease. Filter kettle surface is stained with oil, can wipe on rice water. Rice water dry after appearing, scrape with chopsticks, oil is removed. The method is simple, easy to remove stubborn stains.
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