How to repair double anti hot hot water bottle?

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-30
Filter kettle is broken don't throw away again, teacher teach you this maintenance, return can again in ten years! In the household life there are a lot of convenience to our life is very practical items, filter kettle is all too familiar items, can be said to be used every day to household appliances. But also because of the high frequency and prone to damage, usually broken filter kettle is because the price is not expensive and we throw it away. Is to do so in fact it is not necessary, because the filter kettle in the using process of the damage was very common thing, we can't always throw it after it is broken. Actually most of the damage is a small problem, can be dealt with, there is no need to throw away. One of the most common problem in use process is automatically power off function failure suddenly. We all know that the filter of the kettle automatically power off function is very important and very practical, can make us in when boiling water can also do other things. The power is a function of practicality is very strong, if the damage will bring inconvenience or even dangerous. So when power off function failure should be how to deal with? Problem is not large, usually is can handle himself. If can check temperature, thermal deformation can be timely repair it. If heat no deformation problems, which can see under the switch link rod, usually the position block was one reason why the power failure. The most common problems and the power indicator light, sometimes the light, but not filter the kettle began to work. It'll never burn hot water. The question is usually switch box out of the question, can open it, first find the inside of the metal reed for replacement. If the power light is not bright, then is usually metal reed. Reed pressure switch to cause the lamp to light up. This kind of situation is very good, a little to adjust the metal reed. If it can't solve the problem, first off clean, put back to try again whether the indicator lights up. Because there are a lot of people to throw out the kettle is not damaged issue, but because the kettle wall accumulated the massive scale, because of concerns about with full scale kettle of water will cause harm to the body, so I just threw away. In fact, there is no need to, with vinegar water wash can be used again.
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