How to repair the filter water bottle?

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
Basically every household will have a hot water bottle, but the filter kettle will often appear a few little faults, a lot of people met these shortcomings of the current would feel bad, or idle on one side, or dropped, the authors today teach you a few small way everyone can repair, very simple. Indicator light is not light nor heating, this situation is due to the double spring sheet filter kettle insulation switch, touch the rod pressure to open open, open it, you only need to switch to metal spring bending upwards can fix, get an electric shock the dirt with a brush can also, burning hot water, hot water will not switch can't jump, constantly out of electricity, this is the heat problem, demand will filter apart after bending the kettle temperature. Indicator with no heating, this mostly electric heat pipe may be poor contact form. Demand liquidation repair, if necessary, according to the damage situation in the new. Filter kettle has a scale, vinegar and water according to the proportion of 1:2 mixed in filter kettle, boil and pour out after 24 hours, can clean the repeated several times.
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