How to safely use glass filter kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
Now every household use filter kettle boil water, in can in bring us convenient while also to pay attention to the safety of use. In the process of use should pay attention to what? Filter kettle is composed of base and pot body respectively, but there are plenty of pot body and base together, but most of them are separate. 1, pay attention to the water in the water is too full, otherwise will overflow the boiling water, get the power supply. 2, base and pot body must connect well, lest appear leakage! 3, should pay attention to connect the power supply before a pot body of the switch is closed, connected the power and the pot body and then press the switch. Article 4, such as boiled good to close the building and then put the pot body, pay attention to prevent hot. 5, after filter kettle find with good attention should be paid to disconnect the power supply.
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