How to use and repair double filter water bottle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Double filter kettle for almost all families have now, because it is convenient and quick, so many families would like to use it, but use improper will cause some accidents, the author filters and you talk about the pot used today and maintenance skills and methods. 1, double filter rating of the kettle is generally larger, the capacity of the power plugs, sockets, power cord should choose appropriate, appropriate chooses 10 a specification commonly, if the power rating of more than 2200 w, should use more specifications of the socket, and these sockets should be used independently, in order to ensure safety. 2, double filter, usually with a grounding plug of the kettle should with grounding pin socket connection. When using, the power plug should be completely inserted into the socket. 3, often should keep filter power plug and socket of the kettle, the power cord and automatic switching device of dry and clean. 4, water injection should be no more than the highest water level, in order to avoid liquid overflowed the pot boiling. Water also shoulds not be too little, otherwise it will soon dry up, especially the honking class filter kettle, the water immersion hair heat pipe must be at least 20 mm above, otherwise the electric heat pipe is easy to burn and burn out coming up for air. In addition to pay attention to, don't hold water after turning on the power supply first, otherwise easy to burn out heaters or so cause dangerous accidents. 5, they should look after when using, avoid dry heating. If there is no one to look after, after boiling water, honking of infinite warm pot will dry up the water, and the fitted with automatic reset the thermostat of double-layer filter kettle, due to the repeated heating will dry up the water, and if then overtemperature protection function and failure, can cause fire accidents. 6, using filter kettle, be careful not to let children touch the pot body or touch the power cord, lest cause burns and other accidents.
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