How to use the filter water bottle? What is the cause of the burn boiling water

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-04
Filter kettle can provide hot water in a short time, is a common in the small home appliance products, but filter how to use the kettle? When using filter kettle, water burn open problems, affect the normal use kettle, how to solve this situation? A, filters, how to use a kettle. Carefully read and product specifications. Using filter kettle for the first time, you first need to cleaning the kettle with hot water tank, and then add the right amount of water in the kettle, adding filter kettle of water cannot be too little, but not too much, too much water to overflow in the boiling water. 2. After adding an appropriate amount of water filter kettle, connect the pot body and base, in order to ensure the stability of a hot water bottle placed. After heating the base is connected with the pot body, insert the power cord, press filter start switch of the kettle, at this time, the filter will automatically start boiling water kettle. Water is boiling, kettle automatically after power, enter the insulation condition. 3. Adding water, please pay attention to water cannot under lower limit water level, but not higher than the upper limit water level, the lid tightly closed before you press the button, will automatically shut down after water to boil. Double iron kettle is with double design, can guard hot insulation, avoid scald. 4. Shake no water, add water when, when not in use, cleaning, or mobile hot kettle, when problems arise, hot water cannot be connected to the power supply. It is forbidden to filter the kettle, the power cord or the power cord base into water or other liquids, to avoid any danger. By the professional testing, do not use other epitaxial the power cord. Second, filter kettle is not what is the cause of the water? How to solve? 1. May be a scale on the surface of electric heating tube is too thick, not easy heat conduction, lead to high internal temperature of the heater, but it can't boil water, not only increases the power consumption, also directly affect the service life of filter kettle. Therefore, filter kettle in use after a period of time, it will be too thick on the electric heating tube in a timely manner scale is clean. 2. Can also be installed in the filter at the bottom of the kettle or the result of a damaged near the side at the bottom of the temperature control switch. Can see that the disassembly of the kettle is cylindrical shape, has a fixed screw mounting holes on each side, it has two cables. After removal, can see on the surface of 110 ℃ or 105 ℃. The temperature control switch in the general household appliances accessories are available at shops or electrical maintenance station. Buy must buy the same as the original, not above or below the original temperature. Water does not open or otherwise will not automatically disconnect. 3. Common reason is that the power supply voltage is too low, the indoor power line or plug contact undesirable, should be ruled out. If the contact between the base and the pot body outlet serious adverse, can remove first socket contact and contact oxidation layer, dirt, and then its shape correction, both close contact.
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