How to use the multimeter to measure short circuit filter water bottle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-05
Filter kettle has become many families necessary small home appliance, whether in the daily work or family travel, have become an integral part of everyday life. No matter what the electronic products, with long hard to avoid can appear a little fault. Then, when the filter kettle failure, how to use the multimeter to measure the electric pot of short circuit? Electric kettle the cause of the short circuit in the first place, we need to understand the causes of electric kettle short circuit. Kettle short circuit automatically trip, each bottle has the highest water level, if more than the highest water level, water will overflow after boiling, or into the kettle handle, leakage or short circuit may occur. Filters should be how to repair if filter kettle for short circuit phase and zero line in the kettle, must dismantle the check out. If it's three core prevent dry heating kettle, remove the lights outside the stickers, and remove on both sides of the screw, and open the outlet cover, from the light bulb on the shell will be removed, on the base with three fixed screw, with a screwdriver, remove the screw in POTS heating tube from the base to be removed, the power base metal circles are unloaded on the cover, see inside the kettle. Most is line or zero line of metal copper with ground contact failure phenomenon, to separate the position of the contact. If you have a multimeter, can use a multimeter to measure wire zero line and the pot shell which has fault, if not, then you can rest assured use. A multimeter is used to measure the short circuit method first cut off power supply, multimeter function switch will be dispatched to the buzzer, the multimeter two pens on the two test end, short circuit after the buzzer sounds, showed low voltage value. At this point, the short circuit between the two point. Above is how to use the multimeter to measure the electric pot of short circuit knowledge, have you learned? If you filter kettle has a short circuit in the future, you can use this method.
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