Insulation adjustable milk powder water how many degrees of hot water

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
Many treasure mom has a shortage of milk, the baby powder need to drink. We know that the powder was also very learned, blunt? How to grasp the water temperature and so on. Because of a little error may cause harm to the baby, so many people will choose to use insulation milk hot kettle. So, how many degrees of water milk powder is suitable? Insulation milk powder hot water how many degrees right first, there are two common ways to use constant temperature adjustable milk powder, hot water is in a constant temperature 100 degrees of boiling water boiling, and then wait for constant temperature 40 degrees, can be directly to the baby milk to drink. It's important to note that the hot water to boil before cooling. Don't use boiled water, water only when boiling have antiseptic effect, otherwise easy to cause children diarrhea. The other is to pour the boiling hot water into hot water temperature adjustable milk shake, constant temperature of 40 degrees. So that more convenient, not to waste water and electricity, and many people feel unsafe, boiling water directly with constant temperature milk modulator or can't boil water, so most people will choose this way. In the end, if it is boiled water, constant temperature kettle can be used to keep the temperature, but if it is for the night don't continue to use the boiled water. Because the overnight water will damage the milk powder of nutrients, reduce the powdered milk nutrients, so it is best to hot water heating and constant temperature to 40 poison, and then the powder.
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