Insulation filter kettle? Ok or not

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-06
Insulation filter kettle? As the abundance of electrical appliances, electrical appliances, gradually into our life, of course, thermal insulation kettle is not exceptional also, drinking water is essential in our life, in order to meet the requirements of everyone, thermal insulation kettle gradually enter the market. Then the author will lead the people to understand it. Thermal insulation kettle? Thermal insulation kettle insulation work and principle. Heat preservation principle, which has the function of thermal insulation kettle mostly have two heating tube, one of the main insulation switch control independently, allow the user to control whether the heat preservation. Thermal power generally under 50 w, usually an hour less than 0. 1 degree. Key components: filters are key components of the kettle is the thermostat, it determines the quality and the service life of the kettle. Thermostat is divided into: simple thermostat, simple + snap action thermostat, waterproof and dry heating thermostat. Recommend consumers choose waterproof, prevent dry heating thermostat filter kettle. The composition of other parts: an electric kettle in addition to the key of the thermostat, also must include these basic components: a pot of button, pot lid, power switch, handle chassis, power indicator light, heating, etc. Working principle: filter electric kettle for 5 minutes or 5 minutes after the water temperature increased to 100 degrees, the water begins to boil, steam to steam temperature sensor component of bimetallic strip deformation, switch contact switch power supply. If the steam switch failure, the water in the kettle can burn down, until the water dried up, and a sharp rise in the temperature of the heating element. At the bottom of the heating plate has two bimetallic strip, because of the heat transfer will rise sharply, expansion deformation, disconnect the power supply. Therefore, the filter design very scientific and reliable safety protection device of the kettle. This is the filter triple security protection principle of the kettle. In the process of using thermal insulation filter of the kettle, consumers should be able to feel the goods of the material is good. In fact, it's very safe raw materials, in the process of heating performance is very stable, will not produce harmful substances by heating, so there is no safe hidden danger to the human body. Secondly, the heat preservation effect is numerous consumer priorities, hot water heat preservation is mainly in winter. And it is worth noting that this kind of product of the heat preservation function is better. For consumers, it will certainly become the data selection, practical and environmental protection filter kettle of products, so in today's market. With functions of thermal insulation of electric kettle mostly have two heating tube, one of the independent control by insulation switch, let the user control to choose whether to continue the insulation, reached after a certain period of time to keep the water temperature at suitable for making tea and bubble surface temperature. Insulation generally under 100 w, the cost will not exceed 0 per hour. 1 KWH. Because now the fast electric kettle, a pot of water to four or five minutes, unlimited to boil the water, so for most people, heat preservation is no practical significance. But, if you can't endure the waiting time is short, buy thermal insulation kettle is also a good choice. Moreover, families with children, older people in the home also had better choose filter kettle with heat preservation function. Insulation filter kettle to use? Filter selection depends on the material of the kettle, although plastic kettle theoretically there is no problem. But the water in storage for a long time will have a taste. Recently there are many additives in plastic, stainless steel security. Also need to carefully check the product label and instructions, and the product performance and parameters, such as company name, address and specifications ( Such as capacity) , model, trade mark, voltage parameters, power supply, electrical properties, and so on. Should be to prevent the misuse of warning, should have the detailed use method, etc.
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