Intelligent filter kettle operation method is introduced

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-03
With the requirement of increasing the quality of people's life, in the use of household appliances are also growing, for example, the use of the water problem has always been an eternal topic of discussion. At present, the market there is a new way of drinking water, is the use of intelligent filter kettle. Have you understand? The following is the intelligent filter kettle product and operate method is introduced, and the following will to carefully understand together with the author. Intelligent filter kettle, known as 'water disinfection rapid filter kettle', it not only can automatic pumping, fast boil water, and has the characteristics of the intelligent temperature control, intelligent constant temperature, also can disinfect tea sets. A full range of products including kettle, sterilization pot, the base, control panel, silicone hose, dust cover, etc. Usually used in hotel, guest room, the family and guests, such as self-help boil water scene. Generally have a separate power supply base, water boiling automatic switch, water level indicator standards and safety equipment for the protection of power light, dry, general technical index for 950 w, 1 litre water capacity is commonly the following, the voltage is 220 - 240V。 Intelligent filter kettle operation method of use: 1, the silicon hose on one end of the set of inlet on the bottom of foundation, the other end into the drinking bucket, then install the faucet in the basis of the corresponding location, location, there are three card position, rotation fixed kettle and sterilization pot, respectively, on the basis of the corresponding position. 2, plugged in; Press the main power on key (with the hand Long press for 3 seconds) ; Open the lid, press 'automatic pumping', automatic drain 0. After 6 l water, automatic stop adding water, have water in POTS, pot capacity is less than 1. 2 l; Adding suitable amount of water in the sterilization pot, press 'disinfection, disinfection. 3, press the 'temperature regulation', the water temperature can adjust freely from 40 to 99 degrees, implement different tea of different temperature, press enjoy different tawny tea tea 'automatic' button, the water temperature can be automatically heated to 100 degrees in 4 minutes, keep constant temperature, achieve rapid boil water demand. Through introducing the author of the above content, I believe everyone understand this smart filters is introduced and the operation method of the kettle. Now everyone of tea drinking quality put forward higher requirements, and use intelligent filter kettle is definitely a very good choice in our life.
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