Introduces a boil tea

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Believe that the habit of a lot of friends have a cup of tea, but many people due to time or feel trouble can choose quickly rushed, is to put the tea on the quilt to pour boiled water, then half way down. But the jetting taste will be discounted, so some friends will choose to cook tea, today the author will give you a brief introduction of boiled tea ware. A health, glass pot. Glass material, simple, large capacity, are free to adjust temperature, is the first selection of numerous tea lovers. Large capacity is an advantage, it can be cooked for a long time coarse material Tibetan tea, also don't have to worry about cooking fines Tibetan tea too thick not control the temperature in the beverage. In general, this type of cooking pot very grounding gas. B, glass steam pot. Its principle is to pour bubble tea for many times, this type of pot for cooking fine Tibetan tea, in general, taste good, and refreshing, but mellow, smooth degree is low, after all, the tea could not contact with water. I feel this kind of teapot can cover up the shortcoming of some Tibetan tea, such as bitter, but it can't give full play to the advantages of Tibetan tea. Personal advice this teapot is suitable for the thin material of the quadrature in the compasses in cooking quality Tibetan tea, convenient, suitable for lazy people, don't worry about the size of the control temperature. C, the clay cooking pot. By capillary action of clay is advantageous to the soup qualitative improvement and performance, so compared to the first two boiled out of the beverage more rich, mellow and smooth. Personally, recommend this type of Tibetan tea pot of high quality, especially the pursuit of perfection to taste tea. But this kind of pot generally USES electric heating TaoLu, boil tea for a long time, if you can spare to cook slowly, is also a very pleasant thing. Electrical appliance manufacturing co. , LTD. Is a main double hot hot kettle, milk glass filter, thermal insulation kettle hot kettle, boil tea ware etc. Various type filter kettle production, sales and wholesale manufacturers, quality assurance, price concessions, welcome calls to order
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