Just bought cleaning filter kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
Filter kettle is both cost-effective and useful, more and more people use, so when we buy a new filter kettle, how to wash? The following method to effectively remove, the everyone to come together to learn: how just bought filter kettle cleaning 1, the milk will buy the new hot water with detergent or alkali to wash clean, then add in clean water and add a certain amount of milk in the water, with a spoon stir well, and then were swinging hot kettle. Shake a minute for a while, two or three times over and over again. And then wash clean. 2, salt in the same way, buy new use detergent to clean first. Add clean water, and add the right amount of edible salt, shaking, salt water to heating is needed here. Boil after feedings, repeat once or twice, can wash hot kettle. 3, tea with tea, do not use detergent to clean. Pour the tea is crushed and the hot kettle, use broken tea to wash hot kettle, about the water to soak for a while. Then pour out, wash clean again. 4, orange peel, orange peel, have the function of the odor removal, the same can also remove the peculiar smell of the hot kettle. Will be filled with water in the kettle, adding suitable amount of orange peel, soak for a period of time. Then pour out, then use clean water. 5, pomelo peel pomelo peel and orange peel can effectively remove peculiar smell. Methods like orange peel, as long as in the hot pot for a period of time. 6, vinegar, vinegar can effectively remove peculiar smell, but don't put much, corrosion will put more hot water. In a small amount of vinegar to heat, then pour out, clean with clear water again. The above is the author of six new filter for everyone kettle cleaning method, when we buy filter kettle, must be cleaned after use.
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