Leakage occurs when the glass electric kettle to do, how repair

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
Filter kettle is our daily use of a small electrical appliances, electrical problems this is inevitable, and electric kettle leaks is a lot of people will face. If found filter kettle leaks don't repair, because water is electricity, so easy to get an electric shock. So filter kettle leaks how to repair? Here the author is to tell you. The reason why the, looking for filter kettle leaks first look at the power switch, power switch good insulation switch. First of all, to see if the bimetallic spring pressure on the switch contact lever, if too tight, you can bend it with a pair of tweezers. If the interval of bimetal strip and switch lever is normal, please remove the switch box for inspection. Second, check whether leakage is the contact problem check whether there is any dirt on electric heat pipe, check the base and the pot body power connector whether stents. If the former, you can gently blow with a knife, and then use a sandpaper grind. The latter case, we can remove the connector contact and contact oxidation layer, dirt, and then fixed shape, make the close contact. 3, check leakage is thermal problem next, see if reset switch failure. The main reason is that hot plate deformation or switch link up badly. If the former, be able to bend convex Angle of uvula temperature sensor, so it can switch to connect normal movement. If the latter is the latter, you must find obstruction or foreign body, as long as the removal and correct position can be back to normal. Fourth, check whether leaking pipe problem see light, if the indicator is on, shows that the power has been added to the indicator light circuit, electric heating tube or the connection part of its failure, common to the breakage of the electric heating tube and poor contact. Remove the electric heat pipe can be measured resistance value judgment. Poor contact is mainly due to the power plug of the component contact spring leaf serious corrosion or deformation, can remove the switch box clean maintenance, severe damage to the corresponding change of new.
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