Maintenance of hot water

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-30
Experts say: hot kettle with long after the scale contains a variety of heavy metal material, if long-term drinking can lead to human digestion urinary, neurological disorders, affect human body health! If home after hot kettle scale must be clear in time, to eliminate these possibilities, the authors introduce several kinds of effective method of scaling. Vinegar will white vinegar or other vinegar diluted with water, pour into the kettle and put it on the fire cooking for 2 hours, let the solution and good contact with around the inside of the kettle can be more effective to remove scale. This method proved to be more time-consuming, but simple. Potatoes will potato slices, into the kettle boil, after the water cool we will find that there is more than potatoes to sink in the bottom of the kettle, together with the surrounding tea kettle dirty also sink to the bottom of the kettle. Hope simple cleaning methods can help you, easily remove hot kettle scale, make family more healthy body. Electrical appliance manufacturing co. , LTD. Is a main double hot hot kettle, ceramic filter, glass filter kettle, kettle boiling pot, and other types of filter kettle production, sales and wholesale manufacturers, quality assurance, price concessions, welcome calls to order
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