Modern boiling tea ware and traditional difference of tea

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
And profound Chinese tea culture, to the royal palace garden, next to the people, a neighborhood, the tea cooking is essential. Boil tea is among the most ancient tea cooking methods, also is one of the most representative. Tea in ancient China in the first place is the result of medicine drink and drink soup, also known as the most primary clear water and drink, its significance lies in illnesses and filling, and methods of preparing tea is given priority to with 'cook'. Since the tang dynasty, the tea invented the twenty-four, systematically the method of boiled tea also then real name. Today, boil tea still accepted by the general public, just because the instruments of boiled tea produced in the process of use is various, more time-consuming, if not serious, I am afraid, too lazy to go. Now, more and more people choose the boiled tea, the innovative conform to The Times, in the process of modern industrialization of cultural heritage value of tea products. The function of the traditional boiled tea is relatively single, and exist independently, in the process of tea thing is just a container used for boiling water or tea, need to match the other utensils to use. Liu yu invention of boiled tea, drinks the twenty-four, kettle is the traditional boiled tea utensils. Traditional boiling tea is tea is a core part in the tea things, but only one of its many links, from tea performance enough to see that the traditional tea process complicated and tedious, when customers a sip of delicious tea, in the end will not consciously for ceremony powerful current generated by the initiation of the heart of fear. The fast pace of modern life, pressure is big, can spend a lot of time and energy to enjoy the traditional tea process is not in the majority, so more easy, convenient, practical and convenient way of minimalism to boil tea got the public praise of the people. Modern boiled tea device based on the principle of modern science and technology, use of microcomputer control, one-click operation. Modern boiled tea ware is typical of the product of the industrial age, its function is based on the integrated effect of the water, heating, XiCha, shades of boiling tea, adjustment, filtration, a soup, heat preservation, etc for a device, for collective application development, integrated the function of traditional tea things in the process of a variety of instruments.
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