New hot pot for the first time how to cleaning

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
New hot pot for the first time how to cleaning? 1, white vinegar, descaling, burn in a thermos were swinging 3 - white vinegar 5 Zhong Jing buy 30 clock a thermos pour dirt; 2, the water that clean out rice descaling, rice water in a thermos ( To fill up) Let stand for a thermos dirt; 3, chicken shells into the bottle over shake again; 4, baking soda, in addition to scale with the scale of the aluminum kettle boil water, put 1 spoon saleratus, boil off for a few minutes, scale namely except; 5, boiling water on the pot boiled eggs in addition to scale, use for a long time scale is hard and hard, like use it to cook two eggs, can get ideal result. How to remove the peculiar smell of tea from the hot water remove taste for new electric kettle, can put the tea pot, after inside into the hot water, soak in one to two days. You can boil a pot of boiling water, the water is boiling after pour out again, so we buy back the new electric kettle is thoroughly clean. And this kind of method to deal with an electric kettle in boiling water after there will be some fresh scent. Or directly put the tea pot boiling, the effect is better.
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