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No stress required premium food grade plastic alkaline water filter jug

No stress required premium food grade plastic alkaline water filter jug

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Quick Details
After-sales Service Provided:
Free spare parts, Return and Replacement
1 Year
Car, RV, Outdoor, Hotel, Garage, Commercial, Household, Household Drinking Water Filtration
Power Source:
Activated Carbon
Power (W):
Voltage (V):
Place of Origin:
Jiangsu, China
Brand Name:
Product name:
Household Water Purifier
Filter life:
3-6 Months
2 Stage
Filter material:
Carbon Fiber+UF Membrane+PP
Easily Installed
Product Description
Product name
Household Water Purifier
Household Drinking Water Filtration
Filter life
3 -6 Months
2 Stage
Filter material
Carbon Fiber+UF Membrane+PP
Easily Installed

Add our ultrafiltration membrane filter to remove bleaching power and rust,purify water of color,smell and smudginess. Remove residual chlorine,pesticide and other hazardous substances in raw water. The bacterial retention rate reached 99.99%. But retain calcium and magnesium ions and other beneficial minerals and microelements in raw water.

Steps for usage
1.Clean the kettle and filter element (the first time you use the filter element, soak in water for 20 minutes)
2.Install the filter element in the filter element slot, you need to tighten the plug to confirm the seal
3.Close the lid and open the water inlet fitting to receive water
4.After filtering the above water to the bottom, you can safely use clean water

1.PP cotton intercepts sediment, rust and other large particle impurities. 2. Natural coconut shell activated carbon can absorb color, odor, bleaching powder, residual chlorine, pesticides, etc. 3. Ultrafiltration membrane micropores intercept 99.99% of bacteria, escherichia coli, aluminum, colloid, etc.
1. We use food grade raw materials for our products. All raw materials are subject to incoming inspection to ensure batch quality
and consistency.
2. Carry out various tests throughout the mass production process. Aperture test, flow test, leakage test, pressure test, etc.
3. Before packing, we also check the appearance of all products to ensure our high quality reputation.

Timer usage
1.Startup and Shutdown the machine, long press 3 seconds, the screen flash three times.
2.Shutdown and Startup again, continue the countdown.
3.The default countdown time is 90 days. Press 13 seconds to reset. Countdown regression 90 days, the number flash 3 times.
The kettle has excellent texture, neat appearance and fine workmanship.
Simple design, easy installation and easy use.
Our purification kettle can be mixed with 3 kinds of filter elements from our factory

Do you know about Direct drinking water jug?

Direct drinking water purification jug refers to a water purification jug with a direct drinking filter element. The filtering materials are coconut shell activated carbon particles and hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane. Tap water will filtered by activated carbon particles first and then through ultrafiltration membrane. The filtered water up to the standard of direct drinking water in China. Activated carbon particles have super strong adsorptioncapacity,absorbing bleaching powder (with carcinogenic potential), residual fluorine (with carcinogenic potential), pesticides, dirt, grease, particulate matter, color difference, peculiar smell and other harmful substances of the tap water. Ultrafine micropores of ultrafiltration membrane can intercept and remove pathogenic bacteria, and the effluent can be safe to drunk directly , which is convenient and fast. Therefore, activated carbon plus ultrafiltration membrane is a classic combination of water purifier. The service life of direct drinking filter element is based on the adsorption saturation time of activated carbon. It removes bleaching powder and mrust,purify color,smell and smudginess in raw water. Removes residual chlorine,pesticide and other hazardous substances in raw water.the bacterial retention rate reached from japan.but retains calcium and magnesium ions and other beneficial minerals and microelements in raw water.
Company Profie
Changzhou Yestitan Filter Material Co.,Ltd was founded in 2014, located in Wujin District, Changzhou City, Language National Science and Technology Industrial Park, surrounded by a prosperous economy and convenient transportation. The company is mainly engaged in the production of filter material, manufacture and sale, and import and export business agent of various types of filter material. This filter material is used for home water purifier. The company has a hollow fiber ultrafiltration membranes, microfiltration membranes, reverse osmosis membranes, net direct drinking water bottles and other products, materials are polysulfone, PVDF available. 
We are willing to provide you with good quality and excellent price of filtration products.
Our Advantages
Our company has become a large-scale polysulfone membrane production base in China. The products have been successfully applied in the fields of multi-stage filtration of household water dispensers, multi-stage filtration of water purifiers, pressureless filtration of water bottles and kettles, emergency water quality filtration in field work, and secondary separation of proteins. In the future, we will focus on expanding new areas such as seawater and brackish water desalination. Our aim is to provide safe and hygienic, high-efficiency and energy-saving drinking water protection for thousands of households.

Imported filter materials are different

Harmful daily drinking water will not boil, and it will remain: scale impurities such as fine heavy metal lead and mercury impurities such as residual chlorine nitrite fluoride

Can't drink straight ordinary kettle

only filter particulate impurities, remove some odors, residual chlorine, heavy metals, can't remove germs, can't drink directly

Ready-to-drink easy-to-drink easy-to-drink net kettle

can effectively filter impurities, heavy metals, residual chlorine, remove 99.99% bacteria, retain mineral
1.We have enough production workers and sites to handle a large number of production tasks.
2.Quality is supervised and controlled in every process of production. All materials can pass the test of quality and environment-friendly.
3.Using high quality materials and professional machines, the quality of the kettle is guaranteed.
Application Area
Applicable scope is direct drink, milk powder, wash fruits and vegetables, wash face, family kitchen, dormitory, office tea room,outdoor camping, hotel and so on.
Packing & Delivery
Q: What is your MOQ?
A: MOQ is 300pcs.

Q: How do you control the product quality?
A: We select the reliable and qualified supplier for raw materials. We have national certifications and professional test team.

Q: Can I get the free sample?
A: We can provide free samples and the freight will be paid by you.

Q: What about your main market?
A: Southeast Asia and Europe.
The product is gaining more and more popularity in the global marketplace. With its foreseeable development prospects, this product is worth expanding over the market.
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