Often drink the water filter kettle, how much influence to the body?

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
I believe that 60% of life's people are using the filter in the kettle. Especially for those who like drinking tea or hot water every day, the filter is absolutely they will buy electric kettle, like my family bought two filter kettle. With filter kettle to boil water is very convenient, as long as to add water, wait a few minutes to get hot water. But like to use a filter of the kettle do you know? If use inferior materials filter kettle, will have certain influence on our health. 1, the first buy filter kettle, must choose normal manufacturer to purchase. Most filter kettle, in the market that there is a small factory production, the factory production of filter kettle security is low. Especially the booth to sell 3 without the product, even if it's cheaper to buy. Although a filter kettle as long as a decade or two dollars, but are you sure you dare to use such filter kettle? Don't try to save the money in the face of electrical products, as well. 2, inferior filter kettle, the material is bad, the harmful material in the material, is used to boil water, easy to dissolve with water. Long-term drinking water containing heavy metals, if the human body, can cause great harm to the body. So filter kettle when the choose and buy, must recognize the signs on the filter kettle. General normal manufacturer production filter kettle, the surface has production material markup, best buy 304 stainless steel tags filter kettle. 3, 304 stainless steel is used in medical, food, and many other aspects of special stainless steel. This kind of steel do filter kettle quality assured. When using, it releases metal content is very low, even can be neglected. Buy good filter kettle, filter kettle after long-term use, filter kettle has a thick at the bottom of the scale. If this layer of scale for a long time not to clean, dry hot water also can affect human body health. 4, so be sure to regularly clean the home with filter kettle, thoroughly clean the inside of the scale. When cleaning, add half a spoonful of salt in the filter kettle, 10 drops of white vinegar, right amount clear water cover, shaking a few times, then soak for 30 minutes. Time is up, use clean dishcloth scrub the inside of the scale, the scale can be scrubbed away. With white vinegar and salt removal filter kettle scale is effective, I often use this method.
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