Oil how to remove the filter water bottle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
Often filter kettle in the kitchen, the surface is full of oil, how take out? Below is filter water oil pollution removal method, we take a look at: 1, don't throw away the rest of the watermelon watermelon skin degreasing, used to clean the filter kettle, filter can remove the oil on the surface of the kettle. Advantages: easy to operate, where there is oil to wipe, can quickly decontamination, achieve clean. Inadequate: watermelon not each season are selling, time limit, and with watermelon skin decontamination can remove stubborn stains. 2, remove grease with flour degreasing effect is quite good, also in the pot of oil on the surface, with only a small amount of flour, can be cleaned. Benefits: it can avoid the oil spread, is not easy to dirty cloth, cleaning more convenient and quick. Disadvantages: flour degreasing, certain costs, is economic and practical need further judgment. 3, rice soup noodle soup remove oily be soiled filter surface of the kettle is oil pollution, can use rice water daub, until the rice water completely dry, the scrape, the oil will be eliminated. Benefits: this method is simple, to remove stubborn stains, but need to do in advance rice water. Disadvantages: cannot be used at any time, time is limited, if there is no rice water, can use other methods instead of. 4, detergent to remove the oil detergent directly coated in kettle surface, and then gently with wet cloth to wipe, can remove dirt. Advantages: the oil removing speed, convenient cleaning, can achieve the oil isolation effect. Inadequate: remember to apply again after cleaning, otherwise you will lose the isolation effect, and detergents do not besmear too thick, too thick is not easy to dry.
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