Plastic filter kettle poisonous

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-02
Cut to the chase, the author here special tell everybody, regular brand plastic filter kettle safe non-toxic, because all through the national 3 c certificate. In addition, the plastic filter is only the shell of plastic kettle, internal or metal, so the water to boil when not contact plastic components. But why everyone will produce toxic 'plastic filter kettle? ' question? Because when plastic filter kettle to boil water, the plastic of the external heating and temperature of metal material, to produce some plastic taste. The odor is for consumers to worry about, so the smell poisonous? First of all, the plastic filter of the kettle boil water to produce plastic taste is a very normal phenomenon, if it is quality to ensure that the plastic filter kettle, the little plastic taste, such as plastic taste would not harm the human body naturally. But not on the market all the plastic filter kettle is safe and reliable, and some consumers will buy inferior because of the cheap plastic filter kettle products. The plastic filter used in plastic kettle is not food grade, of all the heat generated by plastic taste is bad for our health. Then we will ask again, these plastic electric water heater is not passed the national 3 c certificate? How could use inferior plastic as plastic electric kettle shell? Here the author tell you, China's 3 c certificate does not involve the use of food safety issues, this gap is also used by some illegal filter kettle manufacturer. Since there is no food safety testing, the use of food-grade plastic as plastic electric kettle shell also muddle through, this can be bad for manufacturer to save a lot of cost. Also, the price of this plastic filter kettle is low, most consumers will choose without knowing it.
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