'Poison' filter kettle than plastic? Teach you a method, then it is safe to drink water

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-02
Now most families are using filters in the kettle boil water, not only save time, and is very convenient, but, now there are many kinds of filter kettle, if accidentally bought inferior filter kettle, long-term consumption of the burn out of the water, will cause a lot of harm to the body! So, filter kettle 'poison' than a plastic? Teach you a method, it is safe to drink water after! Now on the market of filter kettle basically USES is high manganese steel and 304 of these two kinds of stainless steel material, high manganese steel material made of filter kettle, after high temperature heating, heavy metal material such as dissolution of manganese, often drink this kind of material to burn out of water, can cause certain harm to the body. The 304 stainless steel material is by far the most popular, not only high temperature resistant, and processing performance is good, use the burn out water safe to drink. Say filter kettle than plastic 'poison', in addition to material factors, and the filter kettle for a long time not to clean, time grows, the filter kettle wall can produce a thick layer of scale, the scale of the elements is not pure, both materials such as calcium carbonate, and mixed in water long time accumulation of heavy metals, bacteria, dirt and other compounds, a bit not careful, will seriously affect their own and family's health, so we will scale thoroughly cleaned regularly. To scale the method is simple, first of all, to the kitchen in the common white vinegar, add a little white vinegar into the filter kettle, and then filled with water, after boiling placed about half an hour or so, then use the brush to scrub, filter kettle wall scale can be easily removed, so the filter kettle 'poison' than a plastic? Learn to this method, later can rest assured to drink water!
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