Power filter kettle will not automatically

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
Filter price and the quality of the kettle each are not identical, especially some filter water price is too low, the manufacturing process is very rough. After long time use, easy to internal fuse fusing, there is no automatic power outages and other security measures. Even if the water to boil also continues to burn, if not careful will be the risk of leakage, easy to cause the safety accidents. Filter below we analysis the cause of the problem of the kettle, the author here remind everyone must pay attention to when using filter kettle. 1, damage to the heating plate, maintenance: usually this happens, can only replace filters the kettle. 2. The thermostat or the fuse is damaged, fever without electricity. Maintenance: direct replacement of the thermostat or fuse. 3, filter kettle internal wiring is impaired, leading to can't heating. Maintenance: direct replacement filter kettle internal wiring. 4, not boiling water, the power suddenly shut down automatically repair: is the main cause that scale deposition is more. Scale thick, not easy heat conduction, power consumption not only, and will affect the service life of the filter kettle. Use white vinegar to remove scale is effective, first soak 1 hours later, again in POTS clean. 5, the switch will not automatically reset the maintenance: when the spring temperature is too high, can't afford to lose the original elasticity, the metal plate will break, cause not automatically power, directly change the spring.
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