Rapid filter kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
If you want to drink hot water in a short time, rapid filter kettle is an essential part of home appliances, power saving and convenience is the biggest advantage. But in addition you for quick filter kettle also know how much? How fast filter kettle? With the author to know it. Rapid filter kettle? Fast electric kettle principle is to use heating tube in the bottom of the kettle heating or electric heating board. By limiting water level, the use of the thermal contraction principle of water. The outlet water from water mouth water. Such as gravity, under the conditions of no heating, water will not flow from the outlet. 1, heat bilges cold shrink. In the process of heating, heating body hidden in the water will be heated and expansion. Boiling water is higher than the outlet, therefore, make it boil. 2, the cable is short. Filter kettle wire is a kind of high-power products, if the power cord is too long it's not safe. All normal filter kettle manufacturer of the power cord length stipulated in strict accordance with national standards. For consumer safety, normal filter kettle manufacturer not for consumer convenience, lengthen the power cord, lest bring potential safety hazard to consumers. Of course, is too short. As a result, the power cord is not short in order to save costs. 3, low noise. Is there noise in electric kettle quickly. Only when the fast electric kettle flush, there will be a slight noise. Because water added in a less, so the noise is less than the traditional filter kettle. Boiling water is noisy because the filter inside the kettle will produce large amounts of water vapor, after heating will produce a large number of air bubbles, bubbles burst and sound in the rise. Life is long. The traditional filter service life of the kettle is affected by temperature, normally for 12 months. So the general can be rapid filter kettle for three years or so, power consumption is usually an hour less than 0. 1 degree.
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