Remove the scale in the glass kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
In daily life, we often use the heat water appliances, is the most common glass kettle. The electrical appliances brought convenience to our life, but after using for a long time, more or less will remain some scale. When it comes to scale, may have a lot of people don't know what it is. It is the main component of calcium carbonate. If drinking has a scale of water for a long time, it is easy to cause kidney stones. On the other hand, the scale will make more water time length, the increase in electricity consumption. Since scale harm so big, so how to remove scale in the glass kettle? Today, the authors teach you a few tips can solve the problem of scale immediately. Method one: in with vinegar, and then fully shaking, so that the lining can be white vinegar soak. If there is enough time, we can directly join the right amount of heating water to a boil. The simplest method is to wait for 40 minutes after heating, can find the bottom of the pot scale has gone. In addition to white vinegar to scale method, the following method is more save worry. This method is to use potato skins, with potato skins can also be used for descaling. The specific method is what? Below together to understand: we put the chopped potato skin directly into the kettle, and then directly add water to a boil, then don't like the boiling water poured hot water immediately, we should do is to put the glass kettle stewing in 10 minutes. After taken out water and potato skin directly, and then put the kettle clean can.
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